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We enable people to live healthier lives & make best quality healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere and at any time.

Unboxing C4U2BE

More than one half of all people around the globe have no comprehensive access to basic medical care.

We intend to change this situation – with a tailor-made solution that flexibly brings medicine to where it is urgently needed. With C4U2BE, our goal is to set new standards in worldwide healthcare. Be a part of it!

C4U2BE is a part of the curalie health network.


The C4U2BE

Quickly and locally accessible medicine for everyone

The C4U2BE makes diagnostics such as radiology, ultrasound, blood pressure and intra-ocular pressure measurement available in a single physical entity. As a walk-in solution, or following an initial digital consultation with an online physician by video, patients can carry out the required medical examinations in a C4U2BE under the instruction of specialised staff. The results are made immediately available to the cooperating physicians via the curalie App, which enables appropriate therapy to be begun directly after a visit to a C4U2BE. A C4U2BE can be set up almost anywhere, for instance in shopping centres or as a standalone solution, and enables medical observation and treatment of conditions such as cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases and diabetes. Here, the C4U2BE can now be explored as a 360-degree unit.

This is what makes C4U2BE so different

Under the umbrella of Helios Global Health, C4U2BE bundles the expertise of Helios specialists from our established clinics, outpatient centres, institutes for preventive and occupational medicine with best medical quality from the yearly treatment of 20 million patients and makes it globally accessible.

This global access is based on forward-looking interdisciplinary connectivity with the two other parts of Helios Global Health: the Curalie-App, as a personal health coach, and Helios Digital Hospital, which enables direct access to our medical specialists via telemedicine. United in the physical C4U2BE, we thus establish fast, flexible and universally available access to medicine within a holistic healthcare concept.

1+1+1 > 3. This is Global Health

With C4U2BE, Helios digital hospital and Curalie, Helios Global Health can draw on three mutually independent, strong and – whenever the need arises – flexibly interacting solutions that address the worldwide challenges of today’s and future healthcare.

Helios digital hospital

Helios digital hospital

Simple, digital and secure

With digital hospital Helios combines all its digital offerings on one platform. From video consultations to online appointment booking - we find the right expert for your health.

Curalie App EN


The personal health coach

Step by step to better health with doctors, therapists and experts. Curalie helps with individual health programmes and various functions.